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Leadership In Action’s coaching, training, and consulting philosophy is centered around the belief that you can “move from goals to accomplishments” if you are open to shifting your thought process and modifying your behaviors.

When people feel valued that is often times the only compensation or incentive they need to influence commitment to the mission and team loyalty. Investing in their professional and personal development validates that they are valued.

Diversity (The "Big" Picture)

The workshop focuses on the various dimensions of diversity, providing insight into just how broad the subject of Diversity really is. The materials provided will enable you to enhance your perspective of how you see others and how others see you. Participants will walk away with a greater regard for valuing co-existence.

Reinventing Yourself At Any Age

The workshop will encourage, inspire and empower you to embrace the multi-faceted, talented and creative individual that you are. We will explore your dreams, and capture the essence of your talent and motivate you to “go for the dream” as we assist with building your personal action plan for reinventing you and reimagining your next chapter.

Board Development

In this workshop, you will learn the role, responsibilities, and expectations of a board member. We will review how the meeting is facilitated, board member recruiting, and committee structure. 

Women's Issues

The Women's Issues workshops offer over 50 topics that address the concerns and personal and professional development needs of today's women. Each workshop is tailored to fit the specific needs of your organization.

Professional Development

Professional Development is a personal one-on-one coaching program that consists of eight one-hour sessions designed to assist you with taking charge of your personal success. The coaching sessions will enable you to recognize and enhance your portable skillsets to transform your professional development strategies into consistent actions and behaviors to accelerate your desired results.

Team Dynamics

The workshop highlights the four personality types required to build an efficient, high-performing, and winning team. The interactive materials utilized for this workshop will prove to be a great “after training resource”, which will enable the team to stay the course in promoting team member appreciation.

Leadership and Talent Management

The workshop will focus on identifying and developing leadership skills that encourage a desire in others to be led by you. You will become skilled at recognizing the needs, skills, and talent of the team and how to apply the concepts to produce optimal results from the talent pool.

Conflict Management

In this workshop, you will learn how to manage behaviors, emotions, words, body language, and how to prevent personalizing the situation.

Performance Management

In this workshop, we introduce a performance management system that applies dynamic relationship principles to make a difference in your business and personal life. The Ultimate DISCovery system used in this workshop will help you understand people, their primary drive, unique giftedness, value, and the ideal environment that they will do well in. 


Coaching is a relationship between an instructor and/or teacher and a willing individual which creates an environment of respect, safety, challenge, and accountability.

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