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The Professional Woman Library is a series of books written by 350 international consultants, coaches, and professionals to empower women and youth. Each book contains twenty-five chapters dedicated to such personal issues as self-esteem, dealing with anger and frustration, relationship issues, overcoming fear, and stress management; business issues are included in several books on topics such as customer service, professional image, business etiquette, and male/female communication skills. Two special books are dedicated to teenage boys and girls, and the people who love them.

Edited by Linda Ellis Eastman, President & Founder of The Professional Woman Network (PWN) each author is a member of PWN and has been certified in a specific area of expertise. The authors are highly experienced and include human resource directors, physicians, nurses, educators, professional image and etiquette consultants, clergy, international business owners, and professional speakers.

All books are $19.95 and may be purchased from The Professional Woman Publishing Bookstore (HERE).

A partial list of books contributed to by SAW

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